Avon Grove Graduation Photos

Class of 2020 Graduate

I couldn’t wait to get graduation photos of Grant. I’ve gotten to watch him grow up over the years.

He’s friends with my oldest son. There are many photos of this handsome guy on my hard drives from years of birthday parties. I’ve also gotten front row seats to the school performances he was in because my daughter performed with him. I knew that after the crappy year our seniors of 2020 had it, I had to do something special for Grants 10 minute walk at the high school that would be his “Graduation Day”.

As always, he was a joy to be around and happy to show off a little of his energy in photos.

I have NO DOUBT I’ll be seeing this talented actors name in lights in the near future.

Grant has plans to go to DuPaul University to major in Film and Television in the fall of 2021.

I know he’s going to do amazing!