Sunflower Filed in Chester County

Chester County Sunflower Photos

Sunflower Field in Chester County PA

I’m such a sucker for Sunflowers. Just about every year, I scour Chester County searching for a sunflower filed.

This one we found off Rt 896 headed to Lancaster. It was on the the property of an Amish family. I did what I always do and politely go up to the residence to ask permission. All the owners that I speak with have been gracious to let me photograph on their property but this family was one to remember.

They had fields of flowers, not just sunflowers. The Amish mom hand picked flowers for us to take home. It was such a special treat that we wrest expected.

Sunflowers in Chester County are typically in bloom August through September. If you’d like to know when you can have your photos taken in a sunflower field, please fill out this form so you can be notified when it’s time.