Explore the Art of Creative Flour Photography

Flour photography is a creative way to create unique and captivating images. By using carefully placed flour particles, you can enhance everyday photos with new and mesmerizing effects. From powdery textures to glowing orbs of light, the possibilities are endless with this dynamic form of photography.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Start with the right flour – look for soft and light organic varieties like almond flour, wheat flour, and coconut flour. 2. Experiment with camera settings – adjust your shutter speed and ISO to find the best settings for your environment. 3. Use props – intricate designs can be created with a variety of objects like fans, straws, and elastic bands. 4. Layer colors – create interesting multi-colored shots by using different colors of flour or adding food coloring or other ingredients to the mix. 5. Have fun – most importantly, have fun with it! Don’t take yourself too seriously, experimentation is key in creating a great shot!


Flour Shoot

Thank you to my talented dancer, Miss Ivy, from Longwood Performing Arts studio in Kennett Square PA. She’s so captivating to watch on stage. We couldn’t have pulled this off without the help of Diana & John throwing the flour at the count of three. Thanks for all your help guys!