The Traveling Dress in Chester County PA

The Traveling Dress Project

Last Summer, 10 of my photographer peers and I participated in a traveling dress project. It started with us finding the “right” dress, and then each of us mailed it across the US to its next creative destination. We had strict rules not to share any images featuring the dress. This was so each photographer could create magic without being influenced by what others had done previously. We each had 2 weeks with the dress. This project was so much fun and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

I got to work with Mady, who’s a very busy high school senior. She works 2 jobs and is also a Varsity cheerleader. Coordinating schedules was not easy. Not to mention it rained pretty much the entire 2 weeks that I had the dress. When Mady had literally one free hour, I jumped. My main focus was her make up, which took up the majority of the time we had. If I was getting to create anything I wanted, her make up had to be top notch. I used all of SeneGence products (detailed list at the bottom). She did such a great job and we had the best time

The Traveling Dress is now off to my next photographer friend in Portland Oregon.I can’t wait to see what she does with it.

*Products Used*

All Over Face – SeneGence Light & Medium Color Corrected Tinted Moisturizer (premixed).

Eyes – Rose Gold Glitter, Palm Glitter & SandStone Pearl Shimmer ShadowSense

Lips – She’s Apples premixed with Kiss me Katie LipSense.

All Products can be found be purchased by visiting here.


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